Pressure Washers Manual:

Dear customer:
Your NEUHAUS pressure washer has been manufactured in Italy by Annovi Reverberi, under severe specifications of the brand.

Domestic (TARGET 121K/NH 121 K).
Commercial (EVENT 130 TSS).
Industrial (PROLASER 1900 PSI).
Professional (AC CLEANER 500 PSI).

Recommendations to optimize and to extend the usage life of your pressure washer:
1) Always use an industrial electrical cord (minimum 15 ampere).
2) Before turning it on, check that the water hose is connected and that the water is running.
3) Always use in horizontal position.
4) Try to avoid air accumulation inside the machine. This makes it weaker. When turning it on and off always push the trigger.

5) Try to use the nozzle that comes preinstalled. If you are going to clean a surface, the stream should be straight; to wash a car it should be the opposite.
6) To wash with soap, use the bottle (container) with liquid soap. This bottle is easy to fit.
7) The engine of your machine is sealed by the manufacturer, if it needs service, it should be replaced. This is why you should take care of it. Read the instructions carefully before using it for the first time. In case of doubt, please ask the sales person and he would gladly assist you.
8) When you’re finish using the pressure washer, before putting it away, verify that there is no water inside the devices, because if it has chlorine it could damage them.


ADVICE: the water that comes out with high pressure it could be dangerous. DON’T wash your body or expose other persons or animals to it, it could cause severe damages. Always check, even more if there are children around, to turn it off or disconnected while you are away.

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