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Industrial Floor Sweepers

Alfa sweeper / Barredora Alfa

Brava sweeper / Barredora Brava

Atom Sweeper / Barredora Atom

Boxer sweeper / Barredora Boxer

Mille Sweeper / Barredora Mille

Duemilla sweeper / Barredora Duemilla

Industrial Floor Scrubbers

Go Scrubber / Fregadora Go

Mark I scrubber / Fregadora Mark I

Mark II scrubber / Fregadora Mark II

Mark Inox Scrubber / Fregadora Mark Inox

Drive scrubber / Fregadora Drive

Jumbo scrubber / Fregadora Jumbo

Metro scrubber / Fregadora Metro


Beach Cleaners

This special machinery is ideal for keeping sand playgrounds, beaches soft, fluffed, and free from dangerous debris. Providing you with fastest and most efficient operation possible.



BBQ Grills

BrinkMann BBQ Grill / Parrillas a gas BrinkMann


Wet and Dry Vacuums

Dirt Devil Kruz / Aspiradora Kruz de Dirt Devil

Dirt Devil Kone / Aspiradora Kone de Dirt Devil

Hoover Wind Tunnel / Aspiradora vertical Wind Tunnel fabricada por Hoover


HOMELITE Lawn and garden products