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I'm not getting any pressure. What do I need to check?

Generally, all pressure washers 1,500 PSI or less use a push/pull type nozzle adjustment. Turning the nozzle sleeve adjusts the spray fan pattern. If the sleeve is pulled back, the unit is in low pressure. If the sleeve is pushed forward, the unit is in high pressure. A quick check of the nozzle holder to make sure the nozzle is in place will help as well. The nozzle looks like an Allen screw with a hole in the middle of it.
For 2000 PSI units and above, use quick-couple nozzles that can be exchanged with each other depending on the application. These nozzles are color-coded for easy use. Black - low pressure and soap injection. Red - 0 degree fan pattern (high pressure). Yellow - 15 degree (high pressure). Green - 25 degree (high pressure). White - 40 degree (high pressure).
The engine must be running at full speed for the pump to operate properly. If the engine is not running at full throttle, the pump will not be able to produce the proper flow of water to give the pump full pressure.
Sometimes the keyway may slip out from the engine shaft and pump sleeve. To check the keyway, remove the four bolts that hold the pump to the engine and slide the pump off. A quick visual inspection will verify if the key is in place.
After a certain amount of use and time the water seals may begin to leak. This is a normal occurrence as the seals are considered a wear item. A seal leak can be confirmed by looking between the pump and the manifold to see if water is dripping down. If so, it is time to replace the seals.