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When do I change the oil and what type of oil do I use?

First oil change: 15-20 hours or after 3 months, whichever comes first. Following oil changes should be every 200 hours or at least once a year. The oil should be changed, regardless of time, if it is milky-looking or the level is low. (The sight glass is on the side of the pump.) If the unit is being used frequently or commercially, you will want to change the oil more often. It is imperative that the oil is clean and water-free at all times.
Pumps use a 30-weight non-detergent pump oil. The use of motor oil will result in the oil becoming milky white in color. Units with gearboxes on the pump use 80W-90 gear lube oil. Do not confuse the gearbox with the actual pump when refilling or vice-versa.
Gasoline-powered pressure washers use an SAE 30W motor oil (10W-30) in the engine. Always consult the engine manual for specific instructions and be careful to put the correct oil in the correct place.