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How do I choose my pressure washer?

1200 psi — 1350 psi
For cleaning lawn furniture or washing your car, a washer of this size should be more than adequate

1500 psi — 2200 psi
If you plan to use the washer to clean your deck, you should move up to this size.

2200 psi — 3500 psi
A washer for really big jobs, like cleaning siding or washing off your patio.

Gasoline engines are measured in horsepower (HP). Electric motors are measured in amperage (amps). More HP or amps means more power.

Pressure washers are available in a choice of two pump drive methods: direct drive and belt-driven.
Heavy-duty belt-driven pumps offer more durability and efficiency.
The actual cleaning is done by the nozzle or tip of the washer. The spray angle of the nozzle is adjustable to fit the cleaning need. The wider the spray, or fan, the lower its ability to cut through dirt. A zero-degree nozzle provides intense power. Fan angles of 15 to 25 degrees cover larger areas, combining stripping and washing power. Fans of 40 degrees or more are generally used for simple washing. Rotating nozzles are used for some cleaning applications.