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Category: Neuhaus / Commercial / Pressure Washers


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1750 PSI
Hot Water Pressure washers clean faster and more thoroughly than cold water washer.They use less soap to sanitize and degrease making them ideal for industrial farm use


Strike 120 Bypass
Pump/motor : HPT 2G15 ( 1,3 HP )
Voltage : 115 V- 60Hz ( single phase )
Pressure : 100 bar
RPM : 1750
Flow : 6,5 lit/min ( 390 lit/h )
Triplex pump with 3 plungers
6 Mt vertical boiler
15 min. shut off safety system
Pressure regulator
Built in detergent suction
Motor thermal protection
8Mt HP soft type hose, gun and lance
Power supply lead : 5 Mt
Weight : 35 Kg
Dimensions : 41,5 x 65,5 x 92,5

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