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Category: Neuhaus / Residential / Water Pumps & Tanks

25 Liters Horizontal Pressure Tank

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25 Liters Horizontal


Maximum Pressure: 117 PSI
Connector: 1"
In heating systems water is subject to pressure increases which bring volume increase due to almost incompressibility of water. The expansion tank provide the volume required to compensate the dilatation of water. Without the expansion tank the pressure in the system would reach dangerous levels.
The pressure tank is a necessary component for long-lasting and regular functioning of the potable water distribution system.The tank function consists in increasing the pressure of the water coming from the aqueduct. An expansion and pressure tank consists in closed metal head containing a membrane. The ballon membrane is attached directly to the flange,avoiding any direct contact between the metal part of the tank sand the water inside. Futhermore, inserting the membrane after tank painting, maintainis the elastic, impermeable and toxic properties of the membrane.

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